10,000 birds visits IBRRC

Terrific blog posting by Charlie Moore of 10,000 birds who visited IBRRC’s center at the end of July. We are delighted and honored that he took the time to come write and photograph our bird rescue work.

“Occasionally – and it is occasionally – you get to do something, go somewhere, or meet someone that genuinely inspires, humbles, or excites you. Last week I was privileged (an over-used word, but the right one) to do all three when I was given a special ‘insiders’ tour of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) in Fairfield, California with good friend and birding stalwart Jack Cole…”

Read more on the 10,000 birds site: http://10000birds.com/the-ibrrc-special-place-special-people-part-one.htm