An update on arrowed goose’s recovery

We’re pleased to report that the Greylag Goose recently brought to International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center with an arrow wound through its neck is doing well. Center Manager Michelle Bellizzi informs us that the goose has “graduated to a water-based aviary in preparation for his/her placement/return to Napa Wildlife,” the organization that had … Read more

In care at our Los Angeles center: The international pelican trio

Last week, International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center received a trio of international patients: three Brown Pelicans that had been in the care of Wild ARC and several fellow animal organizations in British Columbia. Via the Victoria Times-Colonist: They missed spring break in Malibu, but three brown pelicans will finally head south today after undergoing … Read more

Report from South America: Mass stranding of seabirds in southern Brazil

International Bird Rescue is connected throughout the world in many ways. One of those ways is through our response team members who work at various organizations like the Center for Rehabilitation of Marine Animals-Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, or CRAM-FURG, in Brazil. This wildlife group just responded to an unusual stranding event that brought … Read more

Do you know who shot this goose?

IBR staff position the arrow found in a Greylag Goose. The bird was rescued in Napa and brought to our San Francisco Bay center. Alert: International Bird Rescue is looking for information into a recent incident of animal cruelty involving this Greylag Goose. On Wednesday, March 27 around 5:30pm, the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa … Read more

Another first of the season: orphaned Black-crowned Night Heron

Baby bird season at our centers means more than just orphaned mallard ducklings. For example: Here’s the first baby Black-crowned Night Heron now in care at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center. Each year, we care for more than 400 young herons and egrets. Photo by Kylie Clatterbuck This orphaned baby came from a colony … Read more