Patient of the week: Ruddy Duck

Photo by Isabel Luevano Among the releases from our San Francisco Bay center this past week is a Ruddy Duck, one that spent several days in an outdoor pool featured on International Bird Rescue’s BirdCam Project. Ruddy Ducks are common patients at both our California centers. In L.A., we recently cared for two ruddies that … Read more

The week in bird news, January 24

A Cliff Swallow underneath a bridge, photo by Ingrid Taylar via Wikimedia Commons • After a longstanding battle, the California Department of Transportation has agreed to remove nylon netting underneath a bridge project in Petaluma, CA that killed over 100 nesting Cliff Swallows that became entangled. “Swallows will be returning to Petaluma in early March,” … Read more

Remembering Molly Richardson

One of our fellow wildlife champions passed over the weekend. Molly Richardson of Native Animal Rescue (NAR) in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz County died at the age of 85. Molly was the “patron saint of the county’s sick, injured and abandoned wildlife,” according to an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper. … Read more

Grebe wrapped in fishing line

Photos by Kelly Berry Another victim of fishing gear waste: This Western Grebe was recently found beached and wrapped in monofilament line, which causes countless injuries among aquatic birds every year. We’re currently caring for the grebe at our Los Angeles center. Audubon California describes the problem this way: Monofilament fishing line is an amazingly … Read more

Patients of the week: Northern Fulmars

Photo by Isabel Luevano Our patients of the week are six Northern Fulmars currently in care at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center — five of which you can see in the photo above, recuperating in an outdoor pool. These fulmars have been received in the past week from San Francisco, Santa Cruz and … Read more

Release! American Wigeon

  Last month, this American Wigeon was found on bustling Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles — hardly a suitable habitat for a dabbling duck. After several weeks in care, we released this wigeon at El Dorado Regional Park in nearby Long Beach. Volunteer photographer Bill Steinkamp was on hand to film the big day. Related: … Read more

Patient of the week: Common Loon

Photos by Kelly Berry This week’s featured patient is a Common Loon at our Los Angeles center, shown here recuperating in an outdoor diving bird pool. Rehabilitation technician Kelly Berry gives us the backstory of this bird: This Common Loon was found at 12800 Ventura Blvd in Studio City on December 27 and was admitted … Read more

The week in bird news, January 10

Birds take advantage of the annual herring run in the San Francisco Bay, photo via California Audubon’s Audublog • The annual herring run swims into the San Francisco Bay, delighting birdwatchers and seabirds alike. “We’re the last predators to get a crack at those fish. Everyone else has come to the table, and we get … Read more