The Release Files: Common Murres

Ten more healthy Common Murres returned home this week. The seabirds were among hundreds of beached murres that have been rescued along the Northern California coast. They were released on October 23rd at Fort Baker in Sausalito, CA. The hungry, exhausted murres – a diving seabird that looks a lot like a penguin – seem … Read more

Murre-cy! That’s A Lot Of Murres!

How many hungry, sick Common Murres have poured into our Northern California center? A lot! Since July 1, 2015 a total of 460 Murres have been delivered to our clinic. In October alone we’ve received 100+ new patients (updated Oct 25th). Usually this time of the year we receive about 10 of this species each … Read more

The Release Files: Masked Booby

The wayward Masked Booby is back in the wild. It was released at White Point in San Pedro after about a week in care. The Booby was originally found in Newport, Oregon and then flown from Portland to Los Angeles after wildlife officials contacted our Southern California center. Masked Boobies are tropical birds and its … Read more

We Love Boobies!

What’s better than one booby?! How about two? We have a pair of very rare boobies in care at our Los Angeles Center: a Red-footed Booby and a Masked Booby. Both of these seabird species are uncommon West Coast visitors. Red-footed Boobies can usually be found in tropical and sub-tropical waters across the globe. Masked … Read more