A Sooty Shearwater Showing Strength

Photo by Dr. Rebecca Duerr

This Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) recently was found stranded and came into care at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Area center emaciated and weak. It also has suffered from multiple foot problems. Staff veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Duerr surgically removed the tip of one toe due to an infected fracture. Post-surgery, the bird went directly back into its pool at the center to prevent further injury.

He is being treated with antibiotics as well as salt: Shearwaters are tubenoses and require salt water or salt supplementation. Our staff reports that this shearwater is strong, feisty and on track for a full recovery!

Sooty Shearwaters are also known for their migratory prowess, flying 40,000 miles a year according to one study. Read more on this species at National Geographic.