Additional wildlife training classes added

Due to the overwhelming public response, IBRRC has added additional wildlife emergency training classes for January, February and March 2009. The classes will be held in Berkeley, Oakland, Fremont and Santa Cruz. A class in Southern California is also scheduled.

See updated list on our website

The first day-long wildlife rescue classes, designed by WildRescue’s Rebecca Dmytryk, will be offered at IBRRC’s Fairfield, CA bird center on Sunday, December 7, 2008. Sign-up now

Participants will be taught successful capture strategies and handling and restraint methods of native species, regulations, re-nesting of young, first aid and stabilization, and disaster response. Completion of this class does not in any way exempt students from local, state, and federal laws governing the capture and possession of oiled or non-oiled wildlife.

Each class is from 8 AM to 5 PM. The fee for the class is $40

The classes are only open to those 18 years and older.

See the San Jose Mercury News story: Training available for animal rescue volunteers