Among 270 Intakes, Brown Pelican Y83 Getting Third Chance to Survive in the Wild

More than 270 Brown Pelicans have been admitted to Bird Rescue’s California wildlife centers since May 12. Among them was a familiar face, a pelican wearing the blue band numbered Y83. He had previously recovered from fish hook injuries at Bird Rescue in January 2021. However, he was later found disoriented, walking around in a soap store last month.

When wildlife ends up in places they shouldn’t be, it means they need help. It’s important to give them space, and call your local animal control. Y83 returned to Bird Rescue and was diagnosed with emaciation and dehydration, like the majority of the Brown Pelicans that are currently struggling across California.

Blue Banded Brown Pelican Program enables us to gather data on returning patients, live sightings, breeding success, travel patterns, and life span. As birds navigate new obstacles in a changing world, we understand that sometimes they’ll need a third chance at survival in the wild.

Learn about Y83’s journey at Bird Rescue so far by watching this video, and stay tuned to track his progress!