Be Like a Pelican and Join our Flock!

Dear Bird Lover:

Pelicans are beautiful birds, often seen skimming over the waves in a line, or soaring overhead in formation. Working as a group, this formation helps pelicans in important ways.

Each individual wingbeat helps lift others in their flock.

Relying on each other they:

  • Can go further than possible when traveling alone, to reach better fishing spots and food sources.
  • Are more efficient, conserving energy with each wing beat.
  • Stay together, knowing they are all going in the same direction toward the same destination.

Consider becoming a monthly sustaining donor.

Like pelicans working as a group, your monthly contribution will help us go further. You’ll help us reduce fundraising expenses and provide sustained, predictable revenue.

Let’s move together toward the same goal – caring for wild birds in crisis.

As a monthly sustaining donor you will not only provide sustained, predictable support for Bird Rescue – you will help us go boldly into the future.

We can set a bold vision for growth, knowing that we have you with us.

Fly in formation with us! Make your gift a monthly, sustaining gift.