Become a Bird Booster and Protect Birds in YOUR Community

Lake Merritt Nature Cleanup event
Day of Action trash clean up at Lake Merritt, Oakland with Lake Merritt Institute. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds – International Bird Rescue 7/19/18.
James Bergeles picks up trash on Coastal Cleanup Day 9/17/2022 in Des Moines, WA. Photo by Devin Bergeles – International Bird Rescue

International Bird Rescue is excited to announce the launch of a new conservation program that YOU can be a part of, no matter where you live. We dream of a world in which every person, every day takes action to protect the natural home of wildlife and ourselves, and the Conservation Action Program will help make that dream a reality!

This program is open to Bird Rescue friends and followers all around the world, so you don’t have to live near one of our rehabilitation centers to help us make a difference. You can become a Conservation Action Program member, called a “Bird Booster,” by ordering your program volunteer t-shirt. You can then wear it to represent International Bird Rescue while participating in habitat conservation activities in your own community.

As a Bird Booster helping out at nature cleanups, restoration projects, and other such events, you are encouraged to keep track of the birds you see and share your passion for birds with everyone around you. After each project, you can report back on your experience using a simple online questionnaire so that we can track our combined positive impact on birds and their natural habitats. At the end of the year, we will share a report that shows what we accomplished together.

We hope that the Conservation Action Program will help more people seek out opportunities to take action for birds in their own neighborhoods and communities, build relationships with local conservation organizations, and increase awareness of Bird Rescue’s work and the amazing birds we care for. Together, we can make a difference.

Want to become a Bird Booster? Sign up today!