Big help: DAWN’s Everyday Wildlife Champions

Want to help us save more birds? Checkout the new DAWN “Everyday Wildlife Champions” program that is getting underway this month.

It’s easy: Buy a bottle of DAWN dishwashing liquid at your market this summer, register it online and viola! IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center in California split a $1 per bottle.

The two wildlife rescue organizations can collectively raise up to $500,000 in this program. And with the current economic climate, every dollar counts. Please won’t you help us? Cleaning dishes never felt so good!

You’ll need to “register” your bottle on DAWN’s website. They just want your bottle ID, your zip code and the store where you purchased the DAWN.

Details at

Also see the IBRRC website for more background on our 30 year partnership with DAWN

2 thoughts on “Big help: DAWN’s Everyday Wildlife Champions”

  1. this web site does not work – after you enter all your info. there is no place click to send – to Spend an hr. trying to do this – The dawn help line (very nice by the way) can't even get on to this site, told me to call back in 2 hr.s and then go through more run around to donate this dollar. – they will set up an activity account for me.
    If their site won't let you enter this is just advertising gimmick.

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles. We've had a few folks contact us with some of the same problems with activating the DAWN bottle number. We've been in contact with DAWN and they're aware of some database issues popping up. The good news is that a lot of folks are getting they're bottles registered. So far the Dawn site has nearly 1700 bottles activated from US and Canada! Thanks for hanging in there. Every $1 counts and we appreciate your patience!

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