Bird of the Year: 2017

4 thoughts on “Bird of the Year: 2017”

  1. #2 Common Murre. What a joy to watch this active energetic bird. To be able to watch them up close is fantastic!

  2. #5, the Virginia Rail, because it reminds us of the crucial need for habitat restoration.
    #6, the Western Grebe, because as a veterinarian, caring for a patient goes beyond just the obvious physical issues but the husbandry and special needs are so important as well.

  3. #1 American White Pelican
    It is heartwarming to see neighbors, animal control officers, volunteers and non-profits working together to rescue one of God’s creatures. Amongst so many disheartening news stories this past year, it is reassuring to have a story that puts humane back into the word human.

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