Pink’s pouch progress: Remarkable healing now underway!

Photos by Dr. Rebecca Duerr With their fossil record existence dating back at least 30 million years, Brown Pelicans are strong and resilient animals. For proof, look no further than to the story of “Pink.” As you may have read, our Los Angeles center received an adult California Brown Pelican, now nicknamed Pink, in mid-April … Read more

Director’s note on the Oakland heron incident

Friends, We appreciate all the support of the community over the past several days regarding the incident at a heron rookery in Oakland, CA, and we understand the outrage that many are feeling. International Bird Rescue (IBR) wants everyone to know that the proprietor of the tree-trimming business has committed to funding the care of … Read more

“Pink” on the slow road to recovery after second surgery completed; reward doubled to $20K

Photo by Bill Steinkamp As the story of “Pink” the mutilated California Brown Pelican continues to touch animal lovers across the country, an anonymous Southern California donor has doubled the reward money to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the vicious attack on this protected bird. The additional reward money … Read more

An update on “Pink” the pelican

Dr. Rebecca Duerr with “Pink” during the animal’s first surgery, photos by Bill Steinkamp. After a week filled with heartbreaking images of our latest animal cruelty patient, we’re pleased to give you some good news today: The adult California Brown Pelican mutilated by an unknown suspect has completed a successful first surgery to repair an … Read more

“Pink” the Pelican, animal cruelty victim

Dear Friends, “Man, that’s so sad. Good luck, little Pink.” That’s what we overheard a TV news cameraman say on Wednesday while filming a victim of animal cruelty, now recuperating in the aviary at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center. You may have seen stories about this adult Brown Pelican on the news in the … Read more

Reward offered: Brown Pelican with severe pouch laceration, suspect sought

Update, May 1: An anonymous supporter, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, along with the generous support of individual donors including Lourdes Rivas & Patti Ballaz, have increased the reward to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for this horrific pelican attack.  Anyone with information that might lead to the arrest and … Read more

Update on Elegant Tern cruelty case

Elegant Tern photos by Cheryl Reynolds The Elegant Tern brought to International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center last month with a gunshot wound is now flying well and on track for release, our staff reports. “We are amazed that this bird has recovered so well after sustaining such a traumatic injury to its wing,” … Read more

Cruelty case: Terns are not for target practice

Elegant Tern recovering from gunshot injury, photo by Cheryl Reynolds Update: The Santa Cruz Sentinel has covered this cruelty incident, read the article here. With a slender, downturned bill, a black crown during breeding season and a graceful wing shape in flight, it’s easy to see where the Elegant Tern got its name. Unfortunately, the … Read more

An update on arrowed goose’s recovery

We’re pleased to report that the Greylag Goose recently brought to International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center with an arrow wound through its neck is doing well. Center Manager Michelle Bellizzi informs us that the goose has “graduated to a water-based aviary in preparation for his/her placement/return to Napa Wildlife,” the organization that had … Read more