Do you know who shot this goose?

IBR staff position the arrow found in a Greylag Goose. The bird was rescued in Napa and brought to our San Francisco Bay center. Alert: International Bird Rescue is looking for information into a recent incident of animal cruelty involving this Greylag Goose. On Wednesday, March 27 around 5:30pm, the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa … Read more

Birds getting caught in Marina del Rey tree nets

L.A. County Fire Department Station 110 rescues a Double-crested Cormorant caught in tree netting. Photo © Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue/Friends of Animals. Recently, International Bird Rescue staff received reports from the public of birds getting caught in a giant net placed over trees in Marina del Rey that are popular nesting sites for … Read more

Western Grebe with Fish Hook Injuries

Yet another innocent bird injured by fish hooks — in this case, a Western Grebe with hook injuries in her back, leg and mouth. Staff at our San Francisco Bay Area center have removed the hooks, and the bird is recovering, though has a long way to go. (Photo by Isabel Luevano.) This holiday season, … Read more

The Painful Truth

On Monday, Redondo Beach Animal Control arrived at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Center with a California Brown Pelican in desperate need of assistance. A fishing lure was hooked not just to the side of the bird’s face, but to its wrist, such that any movement of its head or wing would tug at the … Read more

The Case of a Cormorant

International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Center recently took in a Brandt’s Cormorant with extensive fishing hook injuries, especially to the sides of its mouth. While pelicans are the species most commonly plagued by this type of injury, cormorants also plunge-dive in fishing areas, and thus run a similar risk. Our staff is anesthetizing this bird … Read more

Hard to Swallow

  Each year, Californians alone use an estimated 12 billion single-use bags, which account for as much as 25% of the litter stream in State waterways such as the Los Angeles River. A reusable shopping tote from the International Bird Rescue online store Dear Friends, Accidents happen. We choose reusable materials and diligently pick up … Read more

International Bird Rescue Seeks Leads in Animal Cruelty Case

International Bird Rescue is seeking information into a suspected animal cruelty case involving a juvenile Brown Pelican found with its wings extensively clipped. The bird, which is currently in care at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center, was originally brought to Los Coches Veterinary Hospital in Soledad, Calif. with all of its primary and … Read more

Reward at $20,000 for Info on Brown Pelican Attacks In Southern California

The reward has been increased to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest of the person involved in the brutal attack on nearly a dozen pelicans earlier this month along the coastline of Orange County, CA. At least 11 California Brown Pelicans suffering from severe wing injuries washed up on Bolsa Chica State Beach between … Read more