Record Year of Bird Patients in 2015

2015 was an unusually big year for International Bird Rescue. We received a record number of injured and sick aquatic birds during all seasons and there was no “slow season” as we have had in previous years. More than 6,000 birds – including those from a mystery goo event, a Santa Barbara oil spill, and … Read more

Update: Current number of birds in care at our Los Angeles center

Common Murres recovering in a pelagic pool, post-wash. Photos by Bill Steinkamp. Rehabilitation technician and volunteer coordinator Neil Uelman shares the latest count of birds in care at our Los Angeles center: 50 Common Murres 9 Brown Pelicans 4 Western Gulls 4 California Gulls 3 Western Grebes 3 Black-crowned Night Herons 1 Bufflehead 1 Black-necked … Read more

Birds in care: Common Goldeneye

Among the birds currently or recently in care is this Common Goldeneye at our San Francisco Bay wildlife care center. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds. And the bird photo-bombing the shot in the background? It’s a male Bufflehead. Check out our most recent bird count at our centers here. We’ve had a few oiled birds come … Read more

Birds in care this week

A Black-vented Shearwater currently in care at our Los Angeles wildlife care center. Photo by Bill Steinkamp. This week’s full list of birds in care by latest count: San Francisco Bay Area center: 51 Birds in Care (updated January 9, 2013) 16 Brown Pelicans 8 Western Grebes 7 Northern Fulmars 4 Common Murres 3 Horned … Read more

Birds in Care this Week

Here are the four most common species in care, by latest count: This week’s full list of birds in care by latest count: International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center 82 Birds in Care 32 Brown Pelicans 18 Western Grebes 9 Northern Fulmars 3 Western Gulls 3 Eared Grebes 3 Common Murres 2 Horned Grebes … Read more

Current Birds in Care

Photo by Cheryl Reynolds This week, we’re caring for a dizzying variety of species  — including five Northern Fulmars at our San Francisco Bay Area center. Other birds in care include a Bufflehead, a Red-necked Grebe, a Sora, an American White Pelican and two Red-throated Loons in beautiful plumage. A significant number of these birds … Read more

Birds in Care

Here are the most common bird species we’re caring for right now at our Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area centers: Other birds in care: 2 Common Murres 2 Common Loons 2 American White Pelicans 2 Canada Geese 1 Red-throated Loon 1 Sooty Shearwater 1 Ring-billed Gull 1 Hybrid Duck 1 California Gull 1 … Read more

Tuesday Stats: Birds at Our San Francisco Bay Area Center

At last count, there were 66 birds in care at our Bay Area wildlife care center, including: Bird count at International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area center as of Monday: 29 Brown Pelicans 17 Western Grebes 4 Western Gulls 3 Canada Geese 2 Northern Fulmars 2 California Gulls 2 Hybrid Ducks 1 Belted Kingfisher 1 Mallard … Read more