Event: Albatross Adventures: Finding Wisdom on Midway Atoll – March 28 in Berkeley, CA

Learn more about seabirds in the Bay Area and throughout the world! Sign up now This engaging evening on Thursday, March 28, 2019 in Berkeley, CA will feature Bird Rescue Executive Director JD Bergeron’s inspiring presentation about his recent journey to Midway Atoll, which hosts the largest albatross colony on the planet. JD was one … Read more

Record Year of Bird Patients in 2015

2015 was an unusually big year for International Bird Rescue. We received a record number of injured and sick aquatic birds during all seasons and there was no “slow season” as we have had in previous years. More than 6,000 birds – including those from a mystery goo event, a Santa Barbara oil spill, and … Read more

Update: Current number of birds in care at our Los Angeles center

Common Murres recovering in a pelagic pool, post-wash. Photos by Bill Steinkamp. Rehabilitation technician and volunteer coordinator Neil Uelman shares the latest count of birds in care at our Los Angeles center: 50 Common Murres 9 Brown Pelicans 4 Western Gulls 4 California Gulls 3 Western Grebes 3 Black-crowned Night Herons 1 Bufflehead 1 Black-necked … Read more

Birds in care: Common Goldeneye

Among the birds currently or recently in care is this Common Goldeneye at our San Francisco Bay wildlife care center. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds. And the bird photo-bombing the shot in the background? It’s a male Bufflehead. Check out our most recent bird count at our centers here. We’ve had a few oiled birds come … Read more

Birds in care this week

A Black-vented Shearwater currently in care at our Los Angeles wildlife care center. Photo by Bill Steinkamp. This week’s full list of birds in care by latest count: San Francisco Bay Area center: 51 Birds in Care (updated January 9, 2013) 16 Brown Pelicans 8 Western Grebes 7 Northern Fulmars 4 Common Murres 3 Horned … Read more

Birds in Care this Week

Here are the four most common species in care, by latest count: This week’s full list of birds in care by latest count: International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center 82 Birds in Care 32 Brown Pelicans 18 Western Grebes 9 Northern Fulmars 3 Western Gulls 3 Eared Grebes 3 Common Murres 2 Horned Grebes … Read more

Current Birds in Care

Photo by Cheryl Reynolds This week, we’re caring for a dizzying variety of species  — including five Northern Fulmars at our San Francisco Bay Area center. Other birds in care include a Bufflehead, a Red-necked Grebe, a Sora, an American White Pelican and two Red-throated Loons in beautiful plumage. A significant number of these birds … Read more

Birds in Care

Here are the most common bird species we’re caring for right now at our Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area centers: Other birds in care: 2 Common Murres 2 Common Loons 2 American White Pelicans 2 Canada Geese 1 Red-throated Loon 1 Sooty Shearwater 1 Ring-billed Gull 1 Hybrid Duck 1 California Gull 1 … Read more