Birds in Care

Here are the most common bird species we’re caring for right now at our Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area centers: Other birds in care: 2 Common Murres 2 Common Loons 2 American White Pelicans 2 Canada Geese 1 Red-throated Loon 1 Sooty Shearwater 1 Ring-billed Gull 1 Hybrid Duck 1 California Gull 1 … Read more

Tuesday Stats: Birds at Our San Francisco Bay Area Center

At last count, there were 66 birds in care at our Bay Area wildlife care center, including: Bird count at International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area center as of Monday: 29 Brown Pelicans 17 Western Grebes 4 Western Gulls 3 Canada Geese 2 Northern Fulmars 2 California Gulls 2 Hybrid Ducks 1 Belted Kingfisher 1 Mallard … Read more

Birds in Our Care

Here are the latest numbers reported earlier this week from our Northern and Southern California wildlife care center outreach coordinators, Cheryl Reynolds and Neil Uelman: Brown Pelicans: 41 Western Grebes: 23 Western Gulls: 11 Eared Grebes: 8 Brandt’s Cormorants: 3 Ruddy Ducks: 2 Pied-billed Grebes: 2 California Gulls: 2 Common Murres: 1 Black-crowned Night Herons: … Read more

Birds, Bands, and Binoculars

Dear Friends, What bird looks a bit like a flying dinosaur, yet has the precision and power to soar majestically and dive for its food? The iconic California Brown Pelican has long been an indicator species for changes in our environment. Once decimated by DDT use, their populations have bounced back, and we want to … Read more

Birds in Our Care, San Francisco Bay Area

Who are we taking care of in the Bay Area these days? SF Bay Area volunteer coordinator Cheryl Reynolds provides us with the latest patient numbers at our NorCal center: Pied-billed Grebe: 2 Common Murre: 1 Brandt’s Cormorant: 1 Western Gull: 2 Brown Pelican: 16 Black-Crowned Night Heron: 1 California Gull: 1 Herring Gull: 1 … Read more

Current Birds in Care

*At our wildlife care center in the San Francisco Bay Area, we currently have one non-avian patient as well: a Western Fence Lizard found stuck in a glue trap.

Friday Rounds

As is customary for end-of-the-week on our blog, International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area and Los Angeles wildlife care center teams have filled us in on the current number and species of birds in care. Here’s the combined tally from our two centers (current as of Thursday afternoon, September 20): Thanks to Cheryl Reynolds and Neil … Read more

Flying Through a Word Cloud

Just when you thought the art of word clouds was solely reserved for dissecting political speech in this campaign season… Cheryl Reynolds, our volunteer and outreach coordinator at International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area wildlife care center, recently gave us an update on the number of current birds in care, which we promptly fed into Wordle … Read more