Release! Cackling Geese

Many thanks to wildlife photographer and naturalist Jim Hanlon, who took these recent photos of International Bird Rescue volunteer Dave Weeshoff (pictured above in the blue ballcap) and two fellow bird lovers releasing two Cackling Geese cared for at IBR’s Los Angeles center. The release took place at Sepulveda Basin Nature Reserve on December 23. … Read more

Patient of the week: American Wigeon

  Photos by Bill Steinkamp Our patient of the week comes from International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center, which has been taking care of this juvenile American Wigeon for several days. Volunteer photographer Bill Steinkamp recently took a few snapshots of the bird recovering in a special waterfowl pen. This wigeon was found on Pico … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Bill Steinkamp

Baby American Coot at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center. All photos © Bill Steinkamp. Here at International Bird Rescue, we’re very fortunate to have a deep bench of bird lovers who also happen to be great photographers. One of these team members is Bill Steinkamp, who photographs birds in care weekly at our Los … Read more