Encore: Pelican Release, Dec. 1 at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

White Pelican release, all images by Mike Stensvold © 2012 Mike Stensvold sent us these fantastic shots of Saturday’s White Pelican release at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve. Boy Scouts from Troop #1149 of the Orange County Council were also on hand to help give these magnificent animals a send-off back into the wild! © 2012 … Read more

Friday Rounds: Sharp-shinned Hawk

This Sharp-shinned Hawk, the smallest of hawk species in North America, came to us from Pasadena Humane Society contaminated with glue trap material on its flight feathers and ventral side of the body, according to Marianne Dominguez, a rehabilitation technician at our Los Angeles care center. Dominguez, shown here washing the bird, reports: “Because the … Read more

Remembering New Zealand’s Rena Oil Spill, 1 Year Later

                                                                       Little Blue Penguin in the Rena Spill, photo by Curt Clumpner By Barbara Callahan, International Bird Rescue In the early morning hours of October 5, 2011, the MV Rena, a large cargo ship carrying 1,368 containers, struck a reef in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, spilling several hundred metric tons of heavy fuel and … Read more

5 Minutes with “Winged Planet” Director John Downer

Barnacle Geese over Tantallon Castle, Scotland. Photo courtesy Discovery Channel.   With campaign season cacophony in full gear on the airwaves, we’re looking forward to a bit of wildlife respite this weekend with the Saturday premiere of Winged Planet, an innovative documentary on the lives of birds around the world. A co-production of the BBC … Read more

Portrait of a Whimbrel

A Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus) is a beautiful, large shorebird in the Curlew genus that weighs about as much as a tall cup of coffee at Starbucks. Its most notable feature is a slender bill that, as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology notes, “nicely matches the shape of fiddler crab burrows. The bird reaches into the … Read more

Up for a Wash

What’s a “COMU?” In bird lingo, it’s a Common Murre, and we see a lot of them at our centers. Howard Freshman, one of our wonderful volunteer photographers, recently took these photos of an oiled Common Murre transferred to our Los Angeles center last week from Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay. Here, Rehabilitation Technician … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Marie Travers

Northern Fulmar Welcome to International Bird Rescue’s latest edition of Photographers in Focus, our tribute to the wildlife photographers who further inspire our passion for bird rehabilitation. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve seen the work of Marie Travers, Assistant Center Manager of International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area wildlife care center. We tend to … Read more

Jonah the Brown Pelican?

A few weeks ago, we came across an amazing video by Vincent Shay of a Humpback Whale feeding off the coast of central California with hundreds of Brown Pelicans doing the same in close proximity. Several photographers have also captured the incredible scene —  one that includes a Pelican who nearly suffered Jonah’s fate by … Read more