The “Every Bird Matters” mission video

What is International Bird Rescue? What do we do, where do we work, why do we do it — and why should you get involved? You’ll find the answer to all these questions in this three-minute video. In this season of giving, we hope you’ll support the “Every Bird Matters” mission.         … Read more

“Time to make a difference.”

On this National Wildlife Day, our friends at Dawn Saves Wildlife have a moving tribute to the volunteers that make our centers such special places. Thank you to our volunteers, past and present. We are forever grateful for your support.

Pelican release at Terranea Resort, Earth Day weekend 2013

During this past winter, a number of California Brown Pelicans were reported to have traveled well north of their usual habitat – British Columbia, to be exact. Several of these birds settled in Victoria’s inner harbour, and three were found to have parasites, frostbite, and in the case of one pelican, wounds that may have … Read more