Behind the scenes with a Brown Pelican in Dawn’s “The Big Picture”

The latest episode in Dawn Saves Wildlife’s “The Big Picture,” shown above, features several Brown Pelicans filmed at our Los Angeles wildlife care center in May, including Pelican V01, which arrived at International Bird Rescue facing a common predicament: fish oil contamination. Fish oil contamination occurs when pelicans attempt to retrieve scraps at commercial and … Read more

The Pelican Brief: Stories of Survivability

Sightings of our banded rehabilitated pelicans are always informative, bringing us new clues about their travels and survivability in the wild. Here are a few recent stories from the pelican sighting files. Pelican P20 and young birds on the fringe of their range Why do pelicans become habituated to piers, fisherman and fishing areas? Brown … Read more

Pelican release at Terranea Resort, Earth Day weekend 2013

During this past winter, a number of California Brown Pelicans were reported to have traveled well north of their usual habitat – British Columbia, to be exact. Several of these birds settled in Victoria’s inner harbour, and three were found to have parasites, frostbite, and in the case of one pelican, wounds that may have … Read more

In care at our Los Angeles center: The international pelican trio

Last week, International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center received a trio of international patients: three Brown Pelicans that had been in the care of Wild ARC and several fellow animal organizations in British Columbia. Via the Victoria Times-Colonist: They missed spring break in Malibu, but three brown pelicans will finally head south today after undergoing … Read more

Pelican with fish hook injuries

Each year, International Bird Rescue’s rehabilitation centers in California treat hundreds of Brown Pelicans. About 40% of these birds brought to us suffer from fishing tackle-related injuries. Here, our Los Angeles center staff remove multiple hooks from an adult pelican. (Viewer discretion is advised.) We depend upon your support to help these birds. Find out … Read more

Blue-Banded Pelicans in Flight

When people report banded pelican sightings, they often photograph them and generously share these images with us. There’s nothing like watching pelicans soar through the air, whether high above in formation or with the tips of their wings nearly touching the waves. Looking like gentle and graceful dinosaurs, they’re mesmerizing to watch. We wanted to … Read more

Blue-Banded Pelican Contest: We have a winner!

Adult Contest Winner: Bernardo Alps Our first Blue-Banded Pelican Sighting Contest has come to a close. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us gather more information by reporting a Blue-Banded Pelican. International Bird Rescue is one of the few wildlife rehabilitation organizations that incorporates post-release evaluation as part of our rehabilitation program. To better … Read more