Five Reasons Why We Love Brown Pelicans

The more you learn about Brown Pelicans, the more fascinating they become. At Bird Rescue, we’ve had the pleasure of treating pelicans year-round for more than 50 years. We could give infinite reasons why we love these birds, but we managed to narrow it down to five.

Blue-banded Brown Pelican M38 Sighted in Breeding Colony off Southern California Coast

It isn’t often that we receive reports of our banded birds on breeding colonies, especially considering the colonies are typically in remote and sometimes, protected areas.  However, these locations are commonly monitored by biologists where they track nest locations, chick counts, breeding pairs, etc. Just last summer, we received a blue-banded Brown Pelican sighting report … Read more

Starving Brown Pelicans Flock to Beaches, Concern Beachgoers, Overwhelm Rescue Centers

As summer kicks into gear on California beaches, record numbers of young, starving California Brown Pelicans are being reported by concerned beach goers and threatening to overwhelm rescue centers up and down the coast. International Bird Rescue is one of the groups most significantly impacted. “While mortality of fledgling Pelicans is a normal occurrence, what … Read more

Birds We Care About: The Brown Pelican

Here at International  Bird Rescue we love the Brown Pelican. It’s part of our logo and we pride ourselves in treating this bird with the respect and care it deserves. Since its beginning in 1971, Bird Rescue has worked hard to become the premier Brown Pelican rehabilitation organization on the west coast of the United … Read more

Reward at $20,000 for Info on Brown Pelican Attacks In Southern California

The reward has been increased to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest of the person involved in the brutal attack on nearly a dozen pelicans earlier this month along the coastline of Orange County, CA. At least 11 California Brown Pelicans suffering from severe wing injuries washed up on Bolsa Chica State Beach between … Read more

11 Pelicans Found With Intentionally Broken Wings in Southern California

What is it that causes so much anger against Brown Pelicans? This week 11 young pelicans were found with their wings intentionally broken along an Orange County beach in Southern California. Only one pelican has survived. There’s now a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Local wildlife officials say the attacks appear to … Read more