Board Meeting Tip Leads To Help For Cold-Stunned Texas Sea Turtles

Thanks to a tip during a International Bird Rescue board meeting about the thousands of cold, immobile Green Sea Turtles needing help in Texas, thousands of rescued turtles were transported to warmer waters. Board member Carmine Dulisse, who is also CEO of Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), heard the news about the stranded sea turtles … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Vivek Khanzodé

Our latest featured photographer is Vivek Khanzodé from Northern California. His interest in birds and nature blossomed after a trip to Costa Rica in 2009. The Resplendent Quetzal mesmerized him, and since then he has been traveling in the U.S. and the neotropics in Central and South America annually on nature themed vacations to capture … Read more

Spooky Spirits: Bird Faces That Scream Halloween!

  This young Double-crested Cormorant is undoubtedly the Bird Rescue patient with the best Halloween scream. Instead of candy, he’s actually hoping to get a big delicious fish to eat, and he won’t stop screaming until he gets one. Caring for these baby birds gets our team in the Halloween spirit as they have to … Read more

Pelican with Repaired Pouch Tear Returns to the Wild

Watch then video of treatment and release After a month in care that included a 4-hour procedure to repair its torn pouch, a healed Brown Pelican was released this week and is back at home in the wild. The adult female pelican was banded with Y54, a special blue-band that helps International Bird Rescue track … Read more