Tree Trimming in Yuba County Puts Baby Birds in Grave Danger

International Bird Rescue is caring for 18 herons and egret chicks rescued from a tree cutting event in Yuba County. A neighbor alerted Sacramento Heron & Egret Rescue (SHER) and the group rescued about 20 young birds. All were stabilized at a local vet clinic and SHER then transferred them to our San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center.

Board Meeting Tip Leads To Help For Cold-Stunned Texas Sea Turtles

Thanks to a tip during a International Bird Rescue board meeting about the thousands of cold, immobile Green Sea Turtles needing help in Texas, thousands of rescued turtles were transported to warmer waters. Board member Carmine Dulisse, who is also CEO of Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), heard the news about the stranded sea turtles … Read more