Stuck In The Mud, Struggling Brown Pelican Saved By Community Rescuers

A Brown Pelican in Alameda, CA that was stuck in the mud and tethered to discarded fishing tackle is alive today and in care at International Bird Rescue after a heartwarming community rescue effort. On June 23th a newly retired Lincoln Middle School teacher, Sharmaine Moody, noticed a Brown Pelican that appeared to be stuck … Read more

On Standby: Major Diesel Spill In Siberia

Nearly 50 years ago, International Bird Rescue was created to respond to oil spills. Our supporters have come to expect that when there is a sizable spill, we will be there to offer our expertise in crisis management and aquatic bird care. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and it is difficult for us to … Read more

Ordering Through Amazon? Use Our Smile Link

We always encourage folks to shop local when they can, but for many of you during the COVID-19 pandemic, online ordering has been one of the safest ways to shop. So if you’re ordering through Amazon can we ask you a favor? Use the AmazonSmile program link and the retailer will donate a portion of … Read more

Meet Ralph: A Bird with Peculiarities

We’re seeing a lot of fulmars in care lately (more about this below). These pelagic birds (often confused with gulls) have some, well, peculiarities—chief among them being their “special” reaction to anything they perceive as a threat, which, unfortunately, includes humans who attempt to help them. How exactly do they protect themselves? By projectile-vomiting a … Read more

So Many Birds To Celebrate This Year!

Dear Bird Rescue Supporter, As this year comes to an end, we want to remind you that we have a lot to celebrate in 2019! With your support, our accomplishments became yours: • In July our team mobilized as a mission of mercy to rescue nearly 100 baby Herons and Egrets from a fallen tree … Read more

Warmest Holiday Greetings From Bird Rescue

Dear Bird Rescue supporters, As we close out 2019, we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays! May the New Year be filled with warmth, peace, happiness, and harmony with each other and our natural home. Thanks again for all your generous support of our mission, Sincerely, Team International Bird Rescue

Barbara Callahan Honored With Oil Spill Task Force’s 2019 Legacy Award

Barbara Callahan of International Bird Rescue was honored this week with a 2019 Legacy Award by the Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force. Barbara is Bird Rescue’s Senior Director of Response Services. She was recognized for her sustained excellence in devoting more than 25 years of her life to oiled wildlife response and for … Read more