Caspian Terns Saved, Rehabilitated, and Released by International Bird Rescue are Surviving and Breeding

Bird Rescue’s newly published scientific paper detailing the rescue-and-rehabilitation effort of waterbirds highlights a notable success: the post-release survival and breeding of a group of Caspian Terns in Southern California. The research paper was co-authored by Julie Skoglund, Rebecca Duerr, DVM MPVM PhD, both of International Bird Rescue, and Dr. Charlie Collins, Professor Emeritus at … Read more

Published: Port of Los Angeles Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project

This year International Bird Rescue was proud to complete the Port of Los Angles Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project, which was generously funded through a grant from the Harbor Community Benefit Foundation (HCBF). This program involved a unique approach and included a three-step process to assess and mitigate impacts on wildlife in the Port of Los … Read more