CBS News Report: Oil Spill = Ecological Chaos

A major environmental threat looms for much of the wildlife along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico due to a recent oil rig disaster. Jeff Corwin from “The Animal Planet” reports from Biloxi, MS for the CBS Evening News.

3 thoughts on “CBS News Report: Oil Spill = Ecological Chaos”

  1. shouldn't people be monitoring the birds before the oil hits and perhaps scare them to the air, away from oil?

  2. people in haiti had help even though they need less help then animals if one type of animal dies out then soo will the animal that feeds on it causeing a chian reaction that can kill many animals mybe even if animals die out when humans were first alive humans would probably die out to soo bp should be working harder on covering the well for the sake of all types of living things. p.s. :{

  3. has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created, please watch the video animation: and pass this along to as many people as you know.

    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.

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