Change for good: Pennies for Pelicans takes off

IBRRC’s new program, Pennies for Pelicans, is really taking off. Many folks have offered up their loose change to help raise awareness and money to help care for Brown Pelicans.

Pelicans have been brought to our two California bird centers this year in unusually large numbers. They are incredible birds with an iconic face, long bills, unique pouches and they are big eaters. One pelican can eat up to five pounds of fish a day during a rehabilitation!

How to spread the word

• Ask us about special counter top collection boxes.

• Get your school group or scout involved.

• Let other people know that pennies really add up.

The bird center wants to say thanks for all your efforts. Also a big thanks to Northern California volunteer Liz Drummond who came up with the idea. Thanks Liz!

Need more information? E-mail:

More information about the program is available on our website.