Dawn Dish Soap: Helping Celebrate 50 Years of Saving Seabirds

This month we celebrate our official 50th Birthday. Our organization was founded in April 1971 by caring, tenacious individuals who wanted to take action and make a difference for birds affected by oil spills. They were committed to finding the best methods for safely and quickly removing contaminants from birds’ feathers, and that quest soon led them to Dawn Dish Soap. It was inexpensive, effective, readily available, and Procter and Gamble was excited to learn about this somewhat unusual use of their product.

To clean oiled birds, you need something that functions well at high temperatures, and Dawn breaks things down while not damaging the bird’s feathers or skin. –JD Bergeron, Executive Director of International Bird Rescue

Since then, Dawn has been one of our biggest supporters, donating countless bottles of Dawn dish soap to us, and committing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support our wildlife rehabilitation, research, and spill response work. To help us celebrate our anniversary, Dawn is featuring our story in an interview with Executive Director, JD Bergeron on their Good Everyday website.

Be sure to check out their Good Everyday rewards program to learn how you make make a difference for birds in need with every bottle of Dawn you buy!

Cleaning an oiled Eider during the Alaska 1996 Pribilof oil spill response. Photo: International Bird Rescue