International Bird Rescue is proud to partner with Dawn Dish Soap on Dawn Ambition 2030, a set of broad-reaching sustainability and purpose-driven commitments to help create a cleaner world for wildlife at the sink and at the shore.

In 1978, International Bird Rescue started what would become a 40+ year relationship with Procter and Gamble and Dawn Dish Soap. After testing multiple washing alternatives, experts at International Bird Rescue landed on Dawn dishwashing soap—a brand that the organization had no prior business relationship with, after it was found to be the most safe and effective option.

“People are always surprised when they see Dawn in our rescue and rehabilitation centers and with us in the field, but the history and continued partnership is real because Dawn carefully removes oil from delicate feathers, making it a vital resource for our response team and the birds impacted by oil pollution each year.” –JD Bergeron, CEO of International Bird Rescue

Since then, Procter and Gamble have become one of our biggest supporters, donating countless bottles of Dawn dish soap, and committing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support wildlife rehabilitation, research, and spill response work.

To read more about Bird Rescue’s longstanding partnership with Dawn, see the Fast Company article.