Digging deep: Kid’s donation to help treat birds

We got the nicest note from a kid this past week that always helps keep us moving forward in our bird rescue efforts:

I hope these 50 dollars can help save some birds lives. I just wanted you to know that $34 of those dollars are from my allowance. I’m really glad they can help a really good cause!

– Sequoia, age 11, Fairfax, CA

It reminded us of the remarkable school kids led by 9-year-old Haley Gee in Berkeley two years ago during the Cosco Busan oil spill. Motivated by seeing oiled birds dying, she and her group got a bucket and started asking everyone she met for donations.

She decided to help International Bird Rescue Research Center’s year round efforts treating injured and orphaned aquatic birds and waterfowl. Within a week she and her fellow bird club members at the Berkeley Montessori School raised about $400. Because of Haley’s efforts, others stepped up to help as well. Haley Gee Fund info