Do your part: Stash the trash

Oil spills are nasty, horrible messes, but do you know what may be worse? All the trash we dump into the oceans. From plastic lighters to toys to cigarette butts, the sea has become man’s monster garbage disposal. Walk along any beach after a major storm and the things that wash on our beaches will truly astound you.

Save the Bay kicked off a terrific public service campaign in 2006 to encourage all of us to pay attention to how we treat San Francisco Bay. It’s a good reminder for all of us.

Remember the candy wrapper you dropped on the street, or the bag that the wind blew out of your car? Chances are that those items are polluting the Bay and harming wildlife. Trash is accumulating in bays and oceans worldwide – one study found plastic outweighing plankton (the building block of the food web) by 6 to 1…

See Save SF Bay’s website on the Stash your Trash campaign