For Mother’s Day: Adopt a Duckling!

Everybody needs a Mom! These orphaned Ducklings are a reminder that Mother’s Day (May 14th) is just a around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with a bird adoption.

Adopt a bird in your Mom’s name and download a customizable PDF adoption certificate. With a $125 donation you can adopt a clutch of Ducklings. For as little as $25, you can symbolically adopt a single Duckling!

Each spring hundreds of ducklings stream into our California centers in search of a meal, a warm home and some TLC. In care this week we have 167 Dabbling Ducks and ducklings. You can help. Support their care and make Mom proud, too.


1 thought on “For Mother’s Day: Adopt a Duckling!”

  1. I am attending a wildlife talk today for a rescue for wildlife in Houston Texas area and will be bringing Dawn Soap for donation. I have bathed my rescue cats and dogs and this really works for fleas and other problems with coats when first rescued. Please let Dawn Soap Company know that they provide a good service for rescues. The talk will be at our local Conroe, Texas extension office for the Master Gardening program offered. Thank you for this website. we are also having open garden day on Saturday. We would like to invite anyone to tour gardens and learn about our programs through Master Gardening at the extension offices.

    Kelli Hornsby

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