For the birds: Buy Dawn, sign-up online

For 30 years IBRRC has used Dawn to save the lives of birds and other aquatic animals covered in oil. We discovered that Dawn is an effective way to clean and rehab animals—strong enough to remove the oil quickly, but mild on their skin and feathers. And Dawn has been donating their product to us ever since.

And now, Dawn is increasing their support by helping us fund more conservation projects. Through their new Everyday Wildlife Champions campaign, each time you buy a bottle of Dawn and go online to activate your donation using the bottle donation code printed on your bottle, one dollar* is donated to our organization, funding important efforts that strengthen our animal care.

We truly appreciate the continuing support of Dawn. I hope you’ll join us and buy Dawn to help make a difference for animals and the environment.

Jay Holcomb, Executive Director, International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC)

*Up to $500,000. You must activate the donation online

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