From Hazard to Haven: Snowy Plover Chicks Hatch Safely

This week, we’re celebrating three Western Snowy Plover chicks who hatched in care at International Bird Rescue. Watch the most recent hatchling break out of its shell in this YouTube video.

Eight plover eggs were admitted on May 29 after they were moved from a potentially hazardous area where drying mud created deep fissures. We were contacted by a biologist monitoring plover nests in Northern California. The chicks were at risk of falling into these crevices as soon as they hatched and started moving.

Western Snowy Plovers are federally threatened and protected under the Endangered Species Act. With fewer than 2,000 remaining on the Pacific Coast, every individual is crucial. Bird Rescue is dedicated to saving species of special concern in an ever-changing world. Your support provides these vulnerable birds with a second chance at life in the wild.