Sponsor an aviary

Our wildlife care centers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area feature aviaries and enclosures for seabirds, shorebirds, loons, waterfowl and other species of aquatic birds.

Bird release excursions

Releasing a pelican back to the wild is a moving experience and a wonderful opportunity for a team-building excursion. If you are located outside of California, International Bird Rescue can also film a release and create a personalized video package for your company.

Private tours

Our wildlife care centers in Northern and Southern California care for about 5,000 birds annually and we are not open to the public daily. As our partner, give your team a special insider’s opportunity to experience first-hand look at how wildlife rehabilitation works!

Social media shout-outs

With more than 81,500 Facebook fans, 12,700+ Twitter followers and a loyal blog following, we capture the imagination of wildlife lovers around the world on a daily basis. We’ll work with you to raise your brand’s profile through unique online shout-outs and planned messaging. partnerships.

Campaign and event sponsorships

From the Blue-Banded Pelican Program to annual events and initiatives to reduce fishing tackle waste in the environment, International Bird Rescue works from all angles to save birds in need. Campaign and event sponsors help us do this. It’s a memorable opportunity to participate in saving wildlife.

We also offer a Community Partners program for small businesses, local government agencies and community organizations located in the regions where International Bird Rescue saves wildlife every day.

Want to find out more? E-mail us and let’s get started!