Give Hope This Holiday Season

Dear Bird Lover,

Every day of the year, wild birds arrive at the doors of Bird Rescue wildlife clinics – injured, orphaned, or ill. And every day of the year, our dedicated team provides compassionate veterinary care they need for a second chance at a life, free in the wild.

Image donate buttonEvery action we take at Bird Rescue is an expression of hope. Hope in the future and hope for a better world for wildlife.

Every bird that is healed and released to the wild is a story of hope – a story that could not have been written without supporters like you.

Wild birds come to us with no insurance, no owners to pay the veterinary bills. Without the support of generous donors like you, the lifesaving work that happens at our wildlife clinics every day simply could not happen. We rely on partners like you to help sustain clinic operations, respond to crises like the ones we experienced this year, and care for the birds.

As you are making your year-end giving plans, please consider a special gift to International Bird Rescue – and give the gift of hope to wild birds.

Thank you,

The Bird Rescue Team