Giving thanks to all our supporters

There’s been a outpouring of support this past month from all our supporters as we respond to the pelican crisis that has hit Central and Southern California.

Many of you have responded with cash donations, a pelican adoption or an offer to volunteer. Some have purchased t-shirts or delivered coffee and food. For all of this, IBRRC is so very grateful.

A number of organizations and businesses have stepped up to help us, too. One of our long-time corporate sponsors, Pelican Products of Torrance, CA donated $2,000 to help us cover the costs of caring for these hungry Brown Pelicans. See the Press Release

In the past Pelican Products has also donated flashlights, searchlights and water-proof cases for our spill responses.

We also want to thank Procter & Gamble for its donation of two transport vans, a continuing supply of DAWN dishwashing liquid and TIDE soap. In 2009 P&G also helped raise awareness and donations with its Dawn Saves Wildlife program that donated money for each bottle of DAWN purchased and activated online.

Thanks again for sharing our goal of caring for sick, injured and oiled pelicans and other aquatic birds.

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