Hailey Winslow: A Voice for Birds in a Changing World

Hailey Winslow, an actress, FOX Los Angeles reporter, and adventure travel television host, has been chosen for this year’s keynote speaker for the Taking Flight Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser, which will take place on the evening of June 14 in Berkeley, CA. Hailey has captivated people from all over the world with stories surrounding wildlife rehabilitation and environmental activism. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how her role in media is essential to sharing the important messages surrounding birds in a changing world and the need to take action for wildlife.

In March of last year, Hailey rescued a dying cormorant on a beach and brought it to International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Wildlife Center. She learned that many others washed up on the beach that were dead or experiencing neurological distress caused a type of microscopic parasite called sarcocystis calchasi. Alarmed by this, she investigated further and reported the story on FOX LA.

While visiting Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Wildlife Center, Hailey Winslow encountered a rare patient, a Red-tailed Tropicbird, who she nicknamed “Lady Gaga” in her Earth Day feature on FOX LA. Photo by Katrina Plummer

One month later, Hailey returned to the Los Angeles Wildlife Center for an Earth Day news feature, a perfect opportunity to highlight different patients in care and the efforts made to bring them back to good health. There, she encountered a rare patient, a Red-tailed Tropicbird, who was rescued from a container ship that arrived to the Port of Los Angeles. Charmed by her exotic feathers, Hailey nicknamed the bird Lady Gaga in her feature. Gaga the tropicbird was later chosen as Bird Rescue’s 2022 Patient of the Year.

In addition, Hailey is the producer and host for “Outback & Under,” a television series that explores different towns of Australia, highlighting native animals and marine life. For more information about Hailey’s work, visit her website.