Help Us Spot and Report Elegant Terns With Special Color Leg Bands

Download the flier

It’s time for bird lovers to do another good tern.

Back the summer of 2021, an incident affecting Elegant Terns in Long Beach Harbor resulted in hundreds of orphaned chicks needing care. Upon release, the birds were banded with a metal leg band on one leg and a red or orange leg band on the other leg. These markers help us monitor the terns in the wild post release.

Bird Rescue is asking the public to share a flyer encouraging folks to keep an eye out and report these specially banded Elegant Terns. Report a bird band sighting here

A gentle reminder: please be sure to keep your distance and never disturb a group of nesting birds as you may cause them to abandon their nests.

Note: If you spot an injured bird, please follow the instructions on the found a bird page for getting the bird to an appropriate rehabilitator or finding the appropriate contact to get help for the bird.