How you can help the birds and IBRRC

Lot’s have people are asking how they can help IBRRC during this busy time. Besides a direct monetary donation, you can still help us by buying a bottle of DAWN Dishwashing liquid or purchasing items from the IBRRC online store.

We’ve got IBRRC t-shirts, hats, lapel pins and photo cards. All the proceeds go to help us take better care of distressed, oiled and sick birds. All orders are processed through PayPal. See our store

The Dawn Saves Wildlife program is still going strong and has raised nearly $140,000 to be split between IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. After your purchase a bottle of DAWN, you go to their website and “register” the bottle’s unique number. It just takes a minute.

By the way, every year Procter & Gamble also donates cases and case of its products to help care for birds. We’ve been using DAWN for almost 30 years to clean bird’s feathers.