IBRRC launches Pennies for Pelicans program

Want to help a pelican? Donate your pennies and loose change to IBRRC’s new Pennies for Pelicans program.

All proceeds will go towards changing the lives of these birds, and giving them a second chance to return to the wild.

A donation of 1% of a dollar can add up fast. Its fun and easy program for anyone to participate in and help save Brown Pelicans!

Why pelicans need your help

Pelicans have been brought to our two California centers this year in unusually large numbers. They are incredible birds with an iconic face, long bills, unique pouches and they are big eaters. One pelican can eat up to five pounds of fish a day during a rehabilitation!

To help us pay for all the fish, IBRRC will be placing collection boxes at specific locations. If you would like to have one at your high traffic location, please let us know.

Soon we will have Brown Pelican curriculum available for teachers with age-specific educational activities. Stay tuned for information on this exciting new program.

Since 1971, the non-profit International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) has been dedicated to saving oiled, injured and sick aquatic birds worldwide. IBRRC is a member of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) and manages two bird rescue centers in California: Cordelia/Fairfield (Solano County) and San Pedro (Los Angeles County). The organization has responded to over 200 oil spills.

IBRRC is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization. Your contribution to any of its programs is tax deductible. To donate online, we can accept donations through PayPal. You can also adopt-a-pelican.

Pennies for Pelicans was the idea IBRRC volunteer, Liz Drummond. The logo was designed by Michelle Bellizzi, our Rehabilitation Manager at the Northern California bird center.

More info: Pennies for Pelicans Program