COVID-19 Response – International Bird Rescue’s COVID-19 Response

Clinic staff continues to work in our wildlife hospitals. Photos: International Bird Rescue

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to make some changes in our day-to-day operations as the State of California issued strict stay at home orders. Going forward all veterinary hospitals are considered essential and are therefore exempted from mandatory closures. Because of this and the waterbirds currently in our care, we will remain open daily to treat sick, injured, and orphaned waterbirds. As of now, the following changes are in place:

• Injured wildlife may be transported to us for treatment, but drop-off procedures have changed. Rescuers and transport personnel must follow our “zero-contact” admittance protocol. If you’ve found a bird, please review this page.

• All Bird Rescue volunteers have been required to #StayHome during this pandemic. Only clinic staff members are working in the wildlife hospitals.

• We are postponing or cancelling all upcoming public events and will continually reassess the situation for events planned after that date.

• We are exploring the option of providing educational webinars and live-video feeds to engage you and your families in the next few weeks. Please watch our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. (Sign up for email updates here

While it may be easy to feel overwhelmed in these challenging times, we continue to work with injured and orphaned birds, one day at a time and one bird at a time, and we continue to release birds back into the wild as they become well enough. Every release matters.

No matter what our flock is facing, a common thread unites us: a deep love of birds and an appreciation for the natural world. At times like this, birds can give us a reason to keep looking up.


As we navigate this crisis together, we will continue to share updates and stories that heal, #LookUp