Is your organization a Pelican Partner? Redbud Audubon Society is!

Our daily “thank you!” goes to the good people at Redbud Audubon Society in Lake County, a dependable Pelican Partner of our San Francisco Bay Area center in Pelican Partner -Redbud AudubonCordelia. This Audubon chapter partnered up with pelican #P38, which came to us contaminated and thin from San Francisco’s Pier 39. While in care, the bird was washed, given proper nutrition and treated for minor wounds prior to release.

What’s a Pelican Partner? Starting at just $500, your organization will have the pleasure of a VIP tour at one of our California centers, an official certificate of your sponsorship (see an example here to the right) and a unique pelican release experience — a moving experience by any measure.

This program is a wonderful way for your company or organization to give back to local wildlife in need.

Want to find out more? Visit our Pelican Partner webpage.

International Bird Rescue volunteer Jeff Robinson gives Redbud Audubon Society’s Carol Lincoln a tour of the San Francisco Bay Area center. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds.

P38’s blue band and federal bands. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds.

p38-Cheryl Reynolds
P38’s release evaluation. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds.

Pelican release-Jeff Robinson1
Carol Lincoln’s pelican release of P38 and a fellow Blue-Banded Pelican. Photo by Jeff Robinson.