Join Minnie Driver on DAWN’s new Facebook page

Join actress Minnie Driver on Facebook and others as they connect with the DAWN “Everyday Wildlife Champions” program. The promotion contributes 50 cents to IBRRC if you buy and register your purchase.

“Marine wildlife preservation is a significant issue to me, and I’m always looking for ways to become more deeply involved,” says Driver. “I have partnered with Dawn® and Everyday Wildlife Champions™ to further raise awareness for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.”

DAWN is continuing over 30 years of support for wildlife rescue efforts through their national program called “Everyday Wildlife Champions.” This program will allow consumers to become part of the movement to save and preserve our delicate marine ecosystem and the animals that call it home through their purchase of a bottle of Dawn.

With your help, IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center in California can earn up to $250,000 each in this program to help save more animals.

So get involved and do a good turn. Join the Facebook page now:

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  1. I joined facebook yesterday, just so that I can support IBRRC and the Dawn Everyday Wildlife Champions campaign!

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