Jonah the Brown Pelican?

A few weeks ago, we came across an amazing video by Vincent Shay of a Humpback Whale feeding off the coast of central California with hundreds of Brown Pelicans doing the same in close proximity.

Several photographers have also captured the incredible scene —  one that includes a Pelican who nearly suffered Jonah’s fate by a marine mammal that weighs more than three semi-trucks.

Photographer Rob Bishop was on hand in Port San Luis and wrote to give us the backstory — one that has a happy ending for our feathered friend:

For about two weeks in August this year, the humpback whales were coming into Port San Luis harbor to feed on the large number of small fish in the area. It was quite a show, as the pelicans and seagulls were also feeding in the same area. The pelicans were diving from above as the whales would come up out of the water and open their mouths. The whale pictured here was within a few yards of the pier, and as the pelicans were diving, one of them got caught inside the whale’s mouth as he closed it. Within a few seconds he opened his mouth back up to let the pelican safely out.

Check out Bishop’s shots of the encounter below:

All photos copyright 2012 Rob Bishop. All rights reserved.