Kids team up to help save more birds

School kids at Andersen Elementary School in Newport Beach, CA took up the challenge with gusto to help International Bird Rescue’s life-saving bird rescue work.

Thanks to an Orange County-based youth organization, Team Kids, IBRRC was one of the nominated organizations to benefit from the ‘Team Kids Challenge,’ a month-long program for schools that empowers young people to be ‘responsible, resilient citizens with a passion for service.’ Each week the children are set a challenge to make a difference to a cause, including homelessness, poverty and the environment.

The class was inspired by the story of 9-year-old Haley Gee who collected coins in 2007 to help birds affected by the Cosco Busan oil spill in San Francisco Bay. Each class at the Orange County school collected aluminum cans, plastic bottles and spare change. In total their environmental week efforts raised $90.67 for IBRRC.

To everyone at Andersen Elementary School, on behalf of all the birds we help, thank you for taking up the challenge!