Lucy the Pelican to be released at Blue Film Festival

A pelican release event is planned for September 4, 2009 at 12:30 PM as part of the Blue Planet Film Festival`s “Animal Day” festivities. The rehabilitated adult female Brown Pelican will be returned to the wild at the beach next to the Santa Monica Pier.

In August, Lucy became trapped in a pile of discarded fishing line with a large hook embedded in her left wing in some bushes near Ballona Creek, California. Fortunately a quick thinking, compassionate hiker rescued Lucy and immediately brought her to IBRRC`s center in San Pedro, California where she immediately received treatment for severe bruises and a serious infection.

Lucy has fully recovered and is now flying from perch to perch in the Center`s recovery aviary. Lucy and several of her Pelican friends with similar stories have been successfully nursed back to health by the IBRRC staff and are ready to return to their homes in the waters off the California coast.

“Lucy is one of the lucky ones,” said Jay Holcomb, IBRRC`s Executive Director. “Thanks to the dedicated hiker who rescued her, she arrived at our facility in time to save her. Although she was quite stressed and needed immediate medical attention, our staff was ready to treat Lucy and ultimately restore her to full health.”

About the International Bird Rescue Research Center

International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) was founded in 1971 after the Oregon Standard collided with another ship under the Golden Gate Bridge, which resulted in a massive spill of crude oil that covered over 7,000 birds. Since then, IBRRC has responded to over 200 national and international spills including the Exxon Valdez, Cosco Busan and Treasure Oil Spill in South Africa. The IBRRC is the world leader in aquatic bird rehabilitation, oiled bird rescue and rehabilitation and the management of oiled wildlife efforts during an oil spill. IBRRC’s mission is to mitigate the human impact on aquatic birds and other wildlife, worldwide. This is achieved through emergency response, rehabilitation, education, research and planning.

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  1. This is very odd. It seems September is the month of pelicans. A park erected a statue of a pelican for the 16 year old pelican that passed away after routine visits to the park everyday. Also, besides Lucy returning to the wild, there is also another pelican (I think I saw it on the west coast) that was being returned to the wild also. Like Al Pacino said in Scarface, "FLY PELICAN!".

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