Make Mom proud, adopt a duckling!

Mother’s Day just around the corner and have we got the perfect gift idea: Adopt a orphaned duckling!

She doesn’t have to care for it, wash it or feed it; IBRRC will do all the work. She’ll get a nice certificate and photo to show her you really care about these adorable little birds. Besides, haven’t you given her every pot holder known to motherkind? Or taken her to Marie Callenders or Applebees enough in the last few years?

The duckling adoption costs $25 or adopt a clutch of ducklings for $75 and really make her proud. We take credit cards online or you can download an adoption form and send in a check. Adoption info

Last year IBRRC raised about 1,500 ducklings brought to our California bird centers. They take a lot of care, eat a ton of duck food and IBRRC relies on the public’s help to cover the cost.

Help us make a difference in the lives of these wonderful waterfowl and give mom something to remember on May 11th.

1 thought on “Make Mom proud, adopt a duckling!”

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