Meet the Teams: Happy Herons

Juvenile Black-crowned Night-Herons are raised in care together at Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles wildlife center. Photo by Ariana Gastelum – International Bird Rescue

Team Captain: Chelsea Jamieson, Development Coordinator for International Bird Rescue

Question: What made you want to be a part of Yes We Peli-CAN! virtual 5K?

Answer: I started working for Bird Rescue in March of this year out of a love for birds, and I am so excited to be participating in my first Yes We Peli-CAN! 5K! My parents and sisters are also nature and wildlife enthusiasts and joined the team in support of Bird Rescue’s mission. We also think it will be a fun way to be connected since we live far away from each other in Alaska, California, and Colorado. 

Q: How did you come up with your team name?

A: We wanted a short and cute name so we decided to go with Happy Herons. We lived in Texas for about 13 years and saw a lot of herons around the neighborhood, so we have a fondness and appreciation for them.

Q: Where do you like to see birds in your community?

A: I love looking for birds on Grizzly Island Road in the Suisun Marsh near Fairfield, California. I was so lucky to be able to watch an American Avocet couple raise three chicks there this year. I went every week for several weeks and watched them for hours! My parents like going to Potter’s Marsh near Anchorage, Alaska where they live. It is right by the coast and there are Trumpeter Swans, Arctic Terns, and much more to see there.

Q: How are you planning to complete your 5K?

A: My parents and I will be doing hikes to complete our 5Ks. My oldest sister will be completing hers on a treadmill and my other sister will be taking her adorable dog for a walk. 

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