Meet the Teams: The BerGulls

Bird Rescue staff members Kylie Clatterbuck, Jeanette Bates, and Devin Bergeles race for Yes We Peli-CAN! 5K at Conquer the Bridge, an annual race in San Pedro, CA.

Team Captain: Devin Bergeles, Projects Specialist and Response Team for International Bird Rescue

Question: What made you want to be a part of the Yes We Peli-CAN! virtual 5K?

Answer: I have been a part of the “Yes We Peli-CAN!” tradition since the beginning. Originally, the name “Yes We Peli-CAN!” was used as the team name for International Bird Rescue to participate in a local, San Pedro, CA 8K fundraiser. The experience was so much fun and helped raise awareness and funds for Bird Rescue. Because of the success we had in the initial year, the idea was created to have a virtual 5K hosted by Bird Rescue, which allowed for the entire team across multiple states to be involved in the fun and the fundraising. This suited me perfectly as I had moved from San Pedro back to my home state of Washington. I look forward to this race every year as it is a way for me to feel connected to my Bird Rescue family in California (and around the world!). 

Q: How did you come up with your team name?

A: My team name celebrates my new last name as I recently got married! It is not the easiest name phonetically for people to pronounce, so my team name “The BerGulls” not only includes my love of one of the most well-known seabirds, it also celebrates my new last name and helps others to learn how to pronounce “Bergeles” correctly. 

Q: Where do you like to see birds in your community?

A: I was fortunate to grow up on the Puget Sound in Washington State and, although not the community I currently reside in, it is still my favorite place to spot multiple species of gulls, sea ducks, Great Blue Herons, and almost always a Bald Eagle (or two!).

Q: How are you planning to complete your 5K?

A: In my twenties, my sister and I participated in many 5K’s together. Last year, we continued that tradition and ran the Yes We Peli-CAN! 5K together while listening (and singing) to the Hamilton soundtrack. I hope to repeat this memory as we run a 5K path that takes us by our mom’s house and through the downtown area of our hometown – past the Puget Sound waterfront, (so we can bird as we run) and reminisce. 

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