Mother Nature

With so many baby birds in care at International Bird Rescue this spring, we are especially aware of how essential proper nurturing is to a thriving life. Raising these tiny birds reminds us of those who provided that love and care to us when we were young, and with Mother’s Day upon us we would love for you to consider symbolic bird adoptions as meaningful gifts for the moms in your lives.

Adopting an aquatic bird will help International Bird Rescue give expert and compassionate care to our patients – sharing your love for these magnificent creatures with your mom or grandmother will fill her heart with pride.

Plus, International Bird Rescue adoptions are now as easy as click, click, click.

  • Choose to adopt a Pelican, Heron, Loon, Murre or Duckling
  • Customize your certificate with your mom’s name
  • Print your certificate to enclose in a card – or send it to her by email!

Your support helps to keep local and global populations of aquatic birds healthy, so that your kids have plenty of Pelicans, Herons, Loons, Murres and Ducklings to point out to their little ones someday.

Thank you for your generosity, and if you are a mother –
Happy Mother’s Day!

With warmest wishes,

International Bird Rescue



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  1. What an interesting site you have here! It’s my first visit, but I will definitely be back when I tackle this topic in an upcoming Bob White Birder Murder Mystery. I’ve been looking for some new bird conservation issues to work with, and this sounds like a great one.

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